Slow-closing check valve

Slow-closing check valves are used for water supply and drainage pipes. They are installed at the outlet of pumps to prevent medium backflow and eliminate destructive water hammer. They can effectively reduce the pressure of water hammer in valve closure and ensure safe operation. They have light disc, large opening.

Hydraulic electric floating ball valve

Electric floating ball valve is based on remote control floating ball valve installed with normally open solenoid valve electronic control device. The electric floating ball valve has double safety function. Even in the case of power failure or failure of the floating ball, it can control the water level.

Stainless steel solenoid valve

The working principle of the solenoid valve is that there are closed chambers in the solenoid valve. There are through holes in different positions. Each hole leads to different oil pipes. In the middle of the chamber is a valve, and on both sides are two electromagnets. The magnet coil electrifying valve body on which side will be attracted.

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